When the knight Heinrich Ledebur began 1415 to build east the fire brook on the possession of the Herforder of lady monastery a water castle suspected naturally nobody, which would accommodate this simple, plain plant once a biology center.

How did it come to this development?

After it succeeded the Herforder Aebtissin 1419 to move Heinrich Ledebur to leaves to the castle this was the prelude for constant coming and going of the inhabitants of the property Bustedt

The old castle, from which Aebtissin became torn off and in the years after again developed, the pledge object, which remained connected up to few decades always with the office of the Drosten, the highest-ranking official of the county Ravensberg.
History Bustedt had a wesendlichen cut after the dreissigjaehrigen war. At that time the ride master wolf Ernst von Eller had betrayed the city Herford to Sweden. Over it the Ravensberger was in such a way pleased that they gave him property Bustedt as property. A turn in the use of the property was introduced 1964, when the property was sold to the today's municipality Hiddenhausen.
An association, which converted the property to a biology center - the today's association "biology center Bustedt OWL e.V.", was sixteen years later.

Today Hiddenhausen is again manufactured as an owner, the district savings bank Herford, the country North Rhine-Westphalia, many single donations as well as the employment administration circling and the association biology center property Bustedt with exception of the eastern fore-castle by the assistance of the municipality.
Classrooms for up to four to five groups, two conference rooms, in which the few works of art are collected, a laboratory, several office and collecting areas, kitchen, Essraeume and one accommodation for sixty persons stand today zr for order.
To the buildings approx. thirteen hectares of surface belong. For the special tasks of the biology center are here several waters, Waeldchen, hedges, damp meadow and pastures. Additionally may in fifty hectares a large protected area, which "Bustedter meadows" are used, different ranges. Further surfaces (at present three hectares) were to it-leased for agricultural use.

Eighteen teilabgeordnente (freiwillige) teacher, cook, caretaker, one gardener, eight civil service-carrying out, starting from forces and a FOEJ care for at present the biology center and its over 25.000 guests per year.
The largest concern of the association consists of securing and - if possible - removing the thin personnel cover.

Cutout out: http://www.gutbustedt.de/