With judgement of the 12.Mai 1998 the national court Hamburg decided that one has to if necessary also answer for contents of the left side by the mechanism of a on the left of. This can be prevented, so the national court, only by the fact that one dissociates oneself expressly from these contents. Since it gives on these homepage and their sides left to other sides in the InterNet, we hereby generally and publicly announce: 

To all links applies: We have neither influence on the organization nor on contents of these linked sides. The responsibility is alone with the operators of these sides, therefore we dissociate expressly from all contents of these sides, and are thus not liable if these against any valid right offend ourselves.














I could complete the vorrangegangenen sides only with large assistance of my father Gerhard Baron v.Ledebur as well as my cousin Thomas in Canada. Expressed cordial ones thanks also to all other family members, itself endeavor me information to our family to send.

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